Patterns of COMMONING

Patterns of COMMONING

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Shareable Interviews David Bollier about Patterns of Commoning (December 8, 2015)
Interviewer Cat Johnson asks Bollier about “the consciousness of thinking, learning and acting as a commoner [that lies] at the heart of the commons movement.”  Bollier:  “You have to start talking about the commons as this organic whole, and not as this machine you can break down into parts or dissect. It’s a living organism and that’s precisely what needs to be studied: its aliveness.”

Patterns of Commoning is selected #2 in Shareable’s List of the Top 22 New Books for Winter (November 23, 2015)
The list consists of “top new books that explore topics near and dear to our collective heart including sharing cities, social justice, waste reduction, ecovillages, economic transformation, local currencies, the Transition movement, cooperatives, coworking, and more.”

Hazel Henderson of Ethical Markets writes on the SeekingAlpha website (November 18, 2015)  “This enlightening volume opens up vistas of new potentials and possibilities for new cooperative organizations.  Many are now emerging in the shareconomy such as couch surfing, tool sharing, barter clubs, crowdfunding and local cooperatives and currencies.  Indeed, cooperative enterprises now employ more people on our planet than all the private for-profit companies combined, as revealed in the UN Year of the Cooperatives 2012.”

Patterns of Commoning